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Coop Premier

You dream it, you invest for it. Coop Premier is a monthly investment plan at a minimum of Kshs. 10,000/- (USD 100) with a target return of between 12% to 16% for up to 10-years. The longer you save, the higher the returns you receive. Coop Premier helps you save a little at a time for your financial objectives while earning a competitive return

Maximize the return on your savings with Coop Premier.


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May, 2020


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Governance Structure

Cytonn High Yield Solutions is managed as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

  • The partnership has been structured to receive cash resources from investors while Cytonn Investments Management Limited contributes intellectual and human capital
  • The profits made shall be shared among the partners in accordance to a pre-agreed profit sharing arrangement. In this arrangement, investors in Cytonn High Yield Solutions are given a guaranteed return and Cytonn Investments Management Limited receives the residual income
  • Cytonn Investments Management Limited's business operations have no material impact on the guaranteed return provided to the Cytonn High Yield Solutions' investors
  • All the partners are expected to file their own taxes but Withholding Tax will be charged in the case of non-tax exempt clients

Key Product Features