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Cytonn High Yield Fund (CHYF)

The investment objective of CHYF is to obtain a high level of current income while protecting investors' capital. To achieve this, the Fund's objective will be to outperform the income yield available from commercial banks by investing in alternative investments such as real estate and other investment instruments with higher rates of return. The Fund will allocate up to 80% of the portfolio to real eatate investment instruments.

Key Features:

  • Minimum initial investment – Kshs. 100,000 (no maximum)
  • Minimum top up – Kshs. 10,000
  • Initial lock in period – 3 months. After the lock in period, investors can come in and out of the Fund anytime
  • Ease of entry and withdrawal of funds

How to Join:

  1. Fill the subscription form and provide the required KYC documents
  2. Deposit the investment funds into the bank:

                            Bank: State Bank of Mauritius Kenya Bank Limited

                            Account Name: Cytonn High Yield Fund Collection

                            Account No: 0082377611001

                            Branch: Riverside Branch

                            Swift Code: SBMKKENA


  • Regulatory Oversight – The Capital Markets Authority (CMA) has oversight of CHYF's operations. Monthly reports are filed with CMA to ensure that the Fund Manager is investing according to the investment guidelines set by the Authority. This ensures that Investors' funds are protected.
  • Oversight by Trustees – In addition to having regulatory oversight, the Fund also has a separate trustee who ensures that the fund operates in accordance with the regulations. This also acts to protect investors' funds. 
  • Attractive Returns – CHYF being a specialized, sector-specific fund that invests heavily in real estate, will be able to offer investors access to attractive returns.

Service Providers:

  • Trustees- Goal Advisory
  • Custodian – State Bank of Mauritius (SBM)
  • Fund Manager – Cytonn Asset Managers Limited

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Governance Structure

Cytonn High Yield Solutions is managed as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

  • The partnership has been structured to receive cash resources from investors while Cytonn Investments Management Limited contributes intellectual and human capital
  • The profits made shall be shared among the partners in accordance to a pre-agreed profit sharing arrangement. In this arrangement, investors in Cytonn High Yield Solutions are given a guaranteed return and Cytonn Investments Management Limited receives the residual income
  • Cytonn Investments Management Limited's business operations have no material impact on the guaranteed return provided to the Cytonn High Yield Solutions' investors
  • All the partners are expected to file their own taxes but Withholding Tax will be charged in the case of non-tax exempt clients

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