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Cytonn High Yield Solutions seeks to give investors above average returns over a fixed period. Cytonn Investments Management Limited is able to give clients higher returns than they would otherwise get on their own due to economies of scale as we consolidate funds from various investors and also have a dedicated dealing team.

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October, 2020


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Governance Structure

Cytonn High Yield Solutions is managed as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

  • The partnership has been structured to receive cash resources from investors while Cytonn Investments Management Limited contributes intellectual and human capital
  • The profits made shall be shared among the partners in accordance to a pre-agreed profit sharing arrangement. In this arrangement, investors in Cytonn High Yield Solutions are given a guaranteed return and Cytonn Investments Management Limited receives the residual income
  • Cytonn Investments Management Limited's business operations have no material impact on the guaranteed return provided to the Cytonn High Yield Solutions' investors
  • All the partners are expected to file their own taxes but Withholding Tax will be charged in the case of non-tax exempt clients

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