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How to's: The Guide to Buying a Home in Kenya

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A home is one of the largest purchases you’ll make and a lifetime commitment.

Whether you’re buying to invest or live in your new home, get smarter about the home-buying process in Kenya with our useful guide


  • Study the location that you want to move into. The choice of location depends on your goals. Are you a homebuyer or an investor?
  • If you’re an investor, contact us to identify which areas have the best rental yields and value for money
  • If you’re buying to live in your new home, contact us to identify which areas are most affordable for your budget
  • Know the neighbourhood and available amenities- schools, shopping centers, hospitals and recreational areas
  • Compare the developer’s offerings with past construction projects
  • Look for institutional developers. They are mandated by their established brands to deliver as promised and are more subject to stringent rules and regulations


  • For a purchase as large as a home, knowing how much to spend is half the battle. Look out for:
  • Opportunities to earn more interest on your savings. The more you can put down for a deposit, the less you need to borrow on a mortgage or finance with a payment plan
  • Payment plans that give you added flexibility
  • Speak to our advisors about how our investment solutions can help you meet your needs. We want to be part of the conversation
  • Reserve early (off plan) to lock in a low price


  • What works best for your family depends on your situation and future needs
  • If you like to entertain guests for example, you need a larger home


  • It is wise to engage your independent counsel to review the legal agreements associated with buying your home
  • Perform title due diligence to confirm that the seller owns the home you want to buy
  • If your purchase is within the Defects Liability Period; engage an inspector to ensure that your home is in the condition promised by the developer


As you wait to move into your new home:

  • Check back with the developer often for updates on construction progress
  • If you are purchasing with a mortgage, check with your relationship banker and lawyer frequently to keep up with the mortgage issuance process


  • Pack up and move into your new home.
  • Engage a moving company to take the stress out of moving house
  • Call your internet and TV service providers about moving your service to a new home. Most developers will have the necessary infrastructure in place