Meet the Team

The Team

Edwin H. Dande, MBA

Partner, Chief Executive Officer

Edwin is the Managing Partner & Chief Executive Officer of Cytonn Investments Management Limited. Edwin has over 15 years of diversified financial services experience spanning investment banking, private equity, investment management, and real estate in global and regional financial services brands such as KPMG, former Lehman Brothers, Bank of America Securities / Merrill Lynch, and Britam Asset Managers. He holds a MBA, Finance Major from the Wharton School University of Pennsylvania and Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from the Monmouth University. He is also a Certified Public Accountant.

Grace W Weru, MBA

Principal Officer

As the Principal Officer of Cytonn Asset Managers, it’s my duty to lead the Fund Management teams on portfolio management and business development as we tap into investment opportunities. The portfolio under our mandate includes Unit Trust Funds, Pension Funds, Wealth Management for clients seeking tailor-made investment portfolios and Real Estate Investments and deliver attractive returns to our clients.

My background is Finance Management with over 17 years of experience in various industries, with a track record which includes driving growth opportunities through Business Development, Budgeting, and Financial and Liquidity Management Reporting, Operations Management in addition to working with the Board of Directors to steer the company into the right direction.

I have a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Strathmore University, in addition to a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Nairobi. I am also a fully Certified Public Accountant and a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK).

Kimathi K Muchiri, MBA

Senior Internal Audit Manager

My role as Head of Internal audit is to provide assurance. I am a Finance, Audit and Risk
professional with over 20 years of experience with key competencies in finance, audit,
risk management; business processes reengineering, lean six sigma-project
management, people and change management. My experience cuts across the private
sector, not for profit and the development world having worked in the education,
manufacturing, real estate, Hospitality, financial services and investments sectors.

 I am a holder of a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA-Finance) from the
University of Nairobi and a degree in Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) from Kenyatta
University. I am a CPA and a member of ICPAK. I have pursued other audit and risk
certifications and I am a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), Information
Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) and the Kenya Institute of Management.
I also hold a certification in monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and Blackbelt level of lean
Six Sigma.

Arita W Mogeni

Head of Sales

I have over 12 years of experience in business development, client relationship and portfolio management across the financial markets, with a key focus on distribution and sales.

Prior to joining Cytonn, I served as the Team Leader, High Net Worth Equities Trading department at Kingdom Securities Limited, where I spearheaded business development initiatives with a key focus on the company's ROI. I have also previously worked for SBG securities as an Equities trader.

I am a self-driven and result-focused professional with outstanding communication and interpersonal skills that are tailored to organizational goals. 

I hold a Bachelor of Commerce degree in finance from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) and CPA part 1.

Michael Wamae

Technology Manager

"Automation is the key to unlocking new levels of innovation and creativity." - Jeff Bezos


As a Technology Manager at Cytonn, I have a strong background in information technology and a strong desire to drive organizational innovation and efficiency. I am responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of technical strategies and solutions that are in line with the business objectives.

I have a track record of successfully leading cross-functional teams to complete projects and have worked in a variety of industries, including investments, real estate, and finance. My expertise lies in project management, system design and architecture, and software engineering.

In my current role, I work closely with senior leadership to identify areas of opportunity for technological advancement and develop plans to implement new technologies. I also oversee the budget and resources for technology initiatives and ensure that all projects are delivered on time and within budget.

I am a strong communicator and possess excellent problem-solving skills, which allows me to collaborate effectively with team members and stakeholders at all levels. I am excited to continue driving positive change and growth through the use of technology at Cytonn.

Overall, the key to success at Cytonn is to be proactive, focused, and driven. By taking advantage of opportunities and working hard, you can achieve your career goals and make a positive change at the company.

Lydia W Kabui, CPA

Assistant Manager, Business Operations

My job as the Assistant Manager, Business Operations of Cytonn Asset Managers Limited
(CAML), entails overseeing the day-to-day operations within CAML and coordinating activities
within the client services, finance and investment departments. To be successful, you must be
able to adapt to the changing market environment and brainstorm ideas on an ongoing basis to
ensure up-to-date knowledge of emerging trends to suffice business expectations.

I hold a First Class Honors Degree in Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance and am a
Certified Public Accountant (CPA K) and a member of the Institute of Certified Public
Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK). I also hold a Chartered Institute of Securities Investments (CISI)

My wealth of experience is in Banking and Asset Management sectors, with over 8 years of working experience in various positions held in the Operations and Risk and Compliance departments. I have worked for Cytonn for the last 3 years performing various roles in risk and compliance, operations, strategy and relationship management. Prior to joining
Cytonn, I worked for Kenya Women Microfinance Bank for a period of 5 years in the risk and compliance and operations departments.

My current employer, Cytonn, was generous to award me the Employee of the Month Award for
the month of June 2022, a recognition I will be forever grateful for. I value my job since it has
allowed me to create a great network of professionals and has enabled me to learn a lot in
regard to matters pertaining portfolio management and the management of the unit trust funds
and the pension funds.

Anyone wishing to join the Cytonn team should be ready to come join a vibrant team that is
continuously seeking to innovate ideas to grow the firm and grow the firm’s investments in the
various sectors. There is also tremendous room for growth both in terms of Knowledge and
career growth.

Peter Kagwi

Assistant Manager, HR and Business Administration

As an Assistant Manager, HR and Business Administration, my day revolves around 3 key functions:

  1. Human resources management where I ensure efficient and effective management of staff members through recruitment, training, development and compensation among other roles.
  2. Business Administration. My job is to ensure that all Cytonn offices are fully operational in all aspects through office management and providing logistical support.
  3. Corporate procurement. Am responsible for the day to day procurement activities in the company


The role requires someone to be detailed, have strong administrative skills, ability to multitask and be ready to put in extra hours to deliver.


I hold a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) degree from The University of Nairobi. I started off my career as a human resources and administration intern at Cytonn Investments, where I learnt about human resources management and office administration functions. I had to put in extra working hours that included working late at night and over the weekend with small breaks in between. After the internship, I have worked in several other roles where I have gained valuable experiences.


My love for business administration has made me enjoy every moment of my work and the challenges that come with the position. If you are passionate about a profession, go for it and be ready to dedicate your time and energy to it.


If you would like to build your career in a fast-paced environment, join Cytonn Investments.

Cyprian M Aron

Ag. Real Estate Development Associate

I am a Construction Manager by profession, and I hold a Bachelor of Science in
Construction Management from the University of Nairobi. I have 8 years of experience in
the construction industry on various projects such as roads, residential, mixed urban
developments, commercial, infrastructure and industrial construction.

My primary duties as a Construction Project Manager are to ensure that a construction
project is delivered within the scheduled timelines, approved budget and best quality.
To be a good Project Manager, one has to be a good planner because any construction
project involves putting small pieces together to achieve the end product. Secondly, a
project manager should be time-oriented as this is key in curtailing cost overruns and
meeting clients’ needs. Thirdly, excellent verbal and written skills are critical in
managing a multidisciplinary team in a construction project. Lastly, analytical skills are
necessary in making informed decisions, interpretation and integration of construction
information, and problem-solving.

What sets me apart is the passion I have for my work by going the extra mile to meet
the clients’ needs. I don’t believe in working from 8-5, I believe in working round the
clock to actualize the set goals. The simple reason I chose my construction career is my
fascination with mega structures and the thought process behind their actualization.
Other than the technical aspect, what I like about my job is the lack of monotony: every
day is a different day with new and exciting challenges.

Lilian W Maina

Ag. Legal Analyst

A typical day at Cytonn for the Head of Legal majorly involves formulating and implementing legal strategy for ongoing Cytonn projects and new unchartered waters the Company is about to embark on. As head of the legal team, I do supervise my team members and ensure the department is adding real value to the company while also actualizing each member’s potential. There is, of course, almost always a colleague from another department seeking legal advice on one thing or the other or wanting the legal team to put out ‘legal fires’ they started. To be successful in this role you need grit as well as the discipline to keep growing your mind.

I am an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, with years of corporate experience from working at different organizations including Kenya Revenue Authority and Geothermal Development Company. I am currently pursuing a Certified Secretaries Certification as I work towards career growth and actualization.

To stand out at Cytonn, and basically anywhere else, you must be the guy that thinks outside the box; the solution finder where others have hit a roadblock.

Why a legal career? The Law is fascinating, to say the least. As a lawyer, you deal with different cases that pose all kinds of problems and in the process you have a better understanding of humanity and the society at large. I love my career as it allows me to do what I love best- solve problems and help people in the process.

My advice to anyone wishing to join Cytonn - Keep adding value to yourself and the right opportunities will find you.

Simon S Mulwa

Full Stack Software Engineer

A day can be different depending on the day. But usually, it starts with looking through what I have to do for the day. I know a lot of software teams use project management tools. My team specifically uses Jira, and we have sprints. A sprint will be two weeks. In that amount of time, you’re supposed to get “x, y, and z” done. I’ll look through those to-dos and make sure I’m on track — look at the tasks I need to do for the day, and do them. The day may involve reviewing our applications, system development, testing, and coding of course. As part of the Technologies team, I work closely with the Business Analytics team, fellow developers, and other stakeholders to ensure our systems are efficient and available.
Success as a developer requires one to be willing to learn every day and consistent in whatever one does. A good software developer is not only competent at writing code, but also competent in everything else required to build, deliver, and ship valuable software. A sound software engineer is someone that the company can trust to deliver what is needed when it’s required.
My background in Professional Software Development is over 5 years of leaving recognizable footprints in various industries ranging from Fintech to the Health Industry. I have a degree in Computer Science from Dedan Kimathi University which served as the genesis of my career in software development. I didn’t even know what it was until I was at University. I am an open-source contributor for the Yii framework and Drupal CMS. I love bringing concepts to life and solving problems through software, which drives me daily to do what I do.

Kevin Karobia

Lead Investments Analyst

My typical day as the Lead Investments Analyst at Cytonn Investments starts off with a peek around the dailies to keep up with current on-goings, both local and global, which might shape the Investments space. I thereafter lay my to-do list for the day, which ranges from various meetings on the performance of the company’s products, reviewing and ensuring that financial models used for investment decisions are accurate, as well as tracking the portfolios of the company’s key offerings.  Cytonn Investments also produces the most in-depth weekly report delivered to clients on Sundays and has to be worked on during the week.

Working in an environment where investments decisions are based on your recommendations, for you to succeed in the role, you must be highly analytical, have a facts-based approach to tasks, possess high-level attention to detail, be good with numbers and have the ability to synthesize a lot of information quickly. Additionally, this role demands constant reading to expand one’s knowledge on a daily basis as it's never enough at any one given time.

I’m an Aeronautical Engineer, having studied Aeronautical Engineering at the Technical University of Kenya. I’m currently pursuing a professional qualification in CFA.

I’m very proud to say I began my professional career here at Cytonn Investments, having joined as an Investments Analyst Intern, then gradually climbing the ladder. Previously, I had only worked as an Aircraft Maintenance Intern at ALS Ltd, Wilson Airport, during my campus industrial attachment.

The fact that Cytonn took a chance on an Aeronautical Engineer with only passion and will for Investments is an embodiment of the organization's virtues and practices of giving everyone a chance and a platform to make a difference.

I would say hard work, the ability to get work done and not stopping till you get a solution to any challenge faced sets me apart. Challenges will always be there in life, what matters is how we solve them and learn from them. Also, being very flexible to learning completely new things and new approaches to solving tasks is critical  

Even as an undergrad student in Engineering, I had an eye for Finance and Investments. I took part in several University Stock Market trading Contests where we held dummy accounts and did our trading. I also ventured into forex trading, which I wasn’t very successful at, to be honest. One thing that stands out about the Investments Industry is its timelessness. On a daily basis, everyone is seeking an avenue to grow their money or make an investment that will earn them passive income. To be in a position to provide that is a key driver for me

I don’t think anything beats the satisfaction of seeing the company’s products do well, especially the Cytonn Money Market Fund, which is the highest-yielding money market fund in the market. Additionally, hearing friends and clients comment on how effective and efficient the product is, is a huge plus. I also work with a hugely dedicated team who make it very easy to navigate the demands of the role.

My advice to anyone looking to join the Cytonn Family is, If you are looking for a place where you will grow holistically, look no further. Be ready to put in the required effort and will to learn, and have a strong belief that the rest will fall into place.

Teresiah Kingara

Senior Associate, Marketing and Communications

As the Team Lead for the Brand department, I start my day with administrative tasks surrounding the execution of brand-related matters. I also ensure I do media monitoring by reading the dailies, going through the media monitoring reports, as well as social media to ensure I am up to date on the brand sentiments out there, to respond if need be on issues touching on the brand. My day-to-day entails strategic planning around the direction and marketing communication needed to drive brand awareness around the various product offering under Cytonn Group.

Marketing and Communication demands being plugged into what is trending and what is making news at any one time. You really need to keep your ears on the ground, so I would say, to succeed in this role, you need to be good at networking and have a genuine interest in keeping up with news cycles, both digital and traditional.

I studied a Bachelor of Science in Communication and PR from Moi University. I am also a member of the Public Relations Society of Kenya. I have done short courses in digital marketing and a bit of French.

I kick-started my career while still pursuing my undergraduate at Moi University by looking for internships surrounding my course, I was fortunate enough to always get these opportunities, working with organizations such as Githunguri Dairy Farmers Cooperative and the National Cohesion and Integration Commission.

What sets me apart is my passion, grit and determination for what I do. I believe in knocking on doors that most will tell you not to bother until I either achieve what I set out to or get alternatives to go about it.

I chose the field I studied through elimination, not the most advisable method, but it worked for me. I struggled with Math in high school, so I wasn’t looking for a course that would have me interacting with Math at all. Communication and PR sounded like the right course for it, which, as it turns out, I was wrong because I had a unit in Math from the first year, first semester, but I sailed.

Other than the technical parts of the job, what I like most about what I do, is the opportunity to meet up with so many amazing people and the opportunity to listen and tell people’s stories in their voices. It is also gratifying to connect people to opportunities that get them heard and seen. When they come back and say, thank you for extending this opportunity.

A word of advice to anyone looking to join Cytonn, have the self-drive and know where you want to go. The organization will provide boundless opportunities for one to take up and run with.