Cytonn Diaspora

Through our offices in Naiobi and the Washington, DC metro area and our network of Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs); we serve the Kenyan Diaspora community, presenting a pipeline of real estate and investment solutions in Kenya

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Ntoni Timbyetaho

(Africa - East Africa)

Ntoni Timbyetaho holds a B. Sc. in Statistics and Applied Economics from Makerere university, with a marketing postgraduate diploma from Cyprus Institute of Marketing. He is also a Chartered Marketer who has attended and attained several leadership, management, marketing and sales certificates. Has more than 15 years of Banking, Investment, Financial Management, Sales and Training experience. He is also currently CEO/Founder of Stay Informed Marketing Club- East Africa. This Club aims at promoting and putting products and services in front of the customer mainly using social media.
He is also a technical director at Financial Planning Campaign-Uganda. This company also specializes marketing and promotion of financial awareness with in Uganda.

Our Products

Real Estate

Cytonn Real Estate develops land, real estate and commercial properties in Kenya for both homeowners and investors.

Our strategy brings three key pillars together. Our financing ability, in house development ability and joint ventures with landowners combine to grow the economy, create jobs and improve the standards of living.

Cytonn Real Estate develops land, real estate and commercial properties in Kenya for both homeowners and investors

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Our Products


Cytonn Investments operates in 4 key areas:

Alternatives: We provide well researched investment opportunities in the alternatives space with a bias towards financial services, education, technology, renewable energy and private equity real estate

Public Markets: We provide researched portfolio recommendations in equities and fixed income in Sub-Saharan Africa

Investment Research: We cover all asset classes to give actionable recommendations to investors in Kenya and the Region. We also publish investment reports across all asset classes in Sub-Saharan Africa

Fund Operations: Our Operations team is in charge of the administration of our portfolio, analysis and returns attribution

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