Seth and Grace Appreciate Maureen, Diaspora Relationship Manager

Seth and Grace Appreciate Maureen, Diaspora Relationship Manager

Seth and Grace

I wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you have been doing for our recent purchase with Cytonn. Your hard work, quick response and dedication has really helped us out during the process. We just wanted to make sure you know how much you are valued and appreciated. 

Particularly we do appreciate all your extra time and effort you have spent responding to our inquiries, I can only say that, this is the type of response the Diaspora expects when doing business back home. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be all impracticable, especially when we have to rely on emails as communication method. It really does give us real peace of mind knowing that you can get an answer you are looking for within no time. I can't wait for the final product as I believe Cytonn is capable of delivering great results.

Keep up the great work and best wishes for your continued success.

Seth and Grace, Australia

Pauline Shares What She Loves about Cytonn

Pauline Shares What She Loves about Cytonn

Pauline Nganga

Efficiency, promptness, very good communication, very good deals on projects as well as interest rate on money deposited. Also convenience in making transactions. Based on what I was told about you, I felt I can trust you to represent my interests.

Yes, I have earned good interest on money deposited with you than I ever earned elsewhere. Also I am an investor in The Alma project and have a chance to own a house in a deal that I trust will go through. you score an "A".....I can trust you to represent me in all my investment interests. You are doing your work well. Highly appreciated.

Wambui Shares What She Noticed about Our Values

Wambui Shares What She Noticed about Our Values

Jane Wambui

Three things that speak to Cytonn's values: i) Excellent customer service; ii)  Timely delivery of documents; iii) Consistent communication. 

Convenience of an online application platform, and better promise on potential returns on my investments. Enhanced my understanding of state of the Kenyan economy, thus enabling more informed decisions on investments. My experience has been great so far, and I expect it to get even better once Cytonn has a well proven track record of execution of its real estate projects.

The team headed by Gaurang Chavda has met and exceeded my expectations. I appreciate that Cytonn has set high performance standards for its staff.  In a business relationship, just like in a personal relationship, what I look for are values. So far, my assessment of Cytonn is that they are a team that is hardworking, operates with utmost integrity, and can be trusted to deliver on their commitments. 

Liz Shares What Makes Her Confident in Cytonn Diaspora

Liz Shares What Makes Her Confident in Cytonn Diaspora

Liz Kamau

I like your enthusiasm and professionalism and your timely investment advice as well as the way your products are presented in a simple but detailed manner made it easier for me to make a decision to do business with you. Yes! And i have so far told everyone i know about you!

Peter is Thankful for the US Representative Office

Peter is Thankful for the US Representative Office

Peter, US Client

I just wanted to share my appreciation for the Cytonn representative here in the United States. As many in the diaspora will tell you, we have had some really bad experiences with investments in Kenya. This ranges from poor and untimely responsiveness to inquiries to outright theft and loss of investments.

My experience with Paul and Cytonn has redeemed some of the faith I had lost in Kenya and Kenya's service industry. As our primary Cytonn contact, Paul is easily reachable by phone, email and text. He has responded quickly to my inquiries and when he is unable to answer a specific question, he has asked me to give him time to get a response from Nairobi. Within a short time he has responded with a satisfactory answer. I, at one time, asked him whether he goes to sleep because I have seen him responding to my emails very late at night in his time zone.

A lot of the investments I have made through your CMS program and even Cytonn OTC shares can be directly attributed to the confidence I have felt from my interactions with Paul. For many years, I have yearned to work with a Kenyan company offering the kind of customer service we have gotten used to living here and Paul is delivering that and more. For this very reason, I have recommended Cytonn to my friends and family members.

It is my belief that great work should be acknowledged and appreciated. Paul is doing great work for your company and this gives me comfort that this is Cytonn's company culture. Of course you all have set the bar and our expectations will always be high - we hope you can maintain and even exceed what you are doing now.


Joel Appreciates How Cytonn Diaspora Goes the Extra Mile

Joel Appreciates How Cytonn Diaspora Goes the Extra Mile

Joel Njoroge

To say you guys wowed me would be an understatement. As I embarked from my flight on Monday evening, I had many thoughts in my mind - some worries, some concerns. As you can imagine, highest among them was whether you guys would keep your promise to pick me up from the Airport and how I would identify who ever had come to pick me up. The frustrating wait at the immigration and baggage claim could not make things any worse.

With all this and with three exhausted kids in tow, I can not express how exciting and reassuring it was to spot Kim holding a sign with my name from a distance. When I saw that board with the line "Delivering to promise", I literary shed a tear. I don't think there is any other tag line or brand message that will ever capture the moment than this did. I mean this was truly awesome. This was thrilling!

As I start my few weeks of stay in Nairobi, I hope to make it to your office to personally thank you guys and especially Kim for his exemplary professionalism but please make sure you pass along my deep appreciation to him personally.

You guys are the best! Thank you very much.

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